Facials with Beautycounter

N E W   F A C I AL   T R E A T M E N T S   with Clean & Safe Skin Care

Nourishing Facial (1 1/4 hour) $90

This Facial is great for all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin. A light, fresh approach to nourish your skin, with gently exfoliating, steam,
Gua Sha Massage* technique and a mask that leaves your skin renewed and refreshed.

Rejuvenating Facial (1 1/4 hour) $90

This is a regenerating Facial to help increase blood flow, stimulate lymph and assist in renewal.  A rich, rebalancing treatment including exfoliation, steam,
Gua Sha Massage* technique and a brightening, lifting mask for an excellent boost in glowing skin.

FREE Add-on for both facials:  

Your choice of a Lemongrass Hand Sugar Scrub treatment or a Makeup Touch up with a light finish to get on with your day.

*Gua Sha Massage technique is a traditional Chinese massage, using Jade stones to help erase fine lines, firm the skin and increase of circulation.

DermaSound Treatment (1 hour) $100

A revolutionary ultrasonic facial treatment that benefits your skin in three distinct ways, with instant results. It's highly effective, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, including Rosacea.
Lasting results with 5 week series ~ 1 treatment each week ($450 if prepaid)

Age Management Facial (1 hour) $85

Pharmaceutical grade Alpha Hydroxy Acid combined with botanical extracts and nutrients leave your skin smooth and refined.

GlyMed Glycolic Acid Peel (45 min.) $55

Highly effective exfoliating treatment to reduce the appearance of lines, acne scarring and hyper pigmentation. Recommended in 6 weeks series ~ 1 session each week. ($300 if prepaid)

GlyMed Serious Action Acne Treatment (1 hour) $80

An in-depth cleansing to purify and heal congested skin. GlyMed’s acne products can help treat the discomfort of acne and keep oil production under control.

GlyMed Skin Treatments

All Facials include skin analysis,100% aromatic essences, enzyme peeling, steam application, massage (shoulders, neck & face) and a finishing masque. Decléor awakens your senses through expert touch and the extraordinary powers of Essential Oils… true beauty becomes synonymous with well-being.

European Facial (1 hour) $85

The basic necessary care for any skin condition. This facial provides deep pore cleansing, restores balance, improves elasticity and leaves the skin with a radiant glow.

Mini European Facial (30 min.) $60

Includes cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and a masque.

Advanced Facial (1 1/4 hours) $95

Starts with a back digitopressure massage and features deep pore cleansing, Decléor’s double layered aromaplasty masque, includes a hand and feet thermo treatment to moisturize and complete that all over pampered feeling.

Ultimate Facial (1 1/2 hours) $105

Take the delight of our Advanced Facial even further with a scalp massage and eye repair treatment. A specific intensive masque addresses your individual skin type, unveiling a renewed complexion.  

Illuminating Facial (1 hour) $90  

A whitening, brightening facial targeting hyper pigmentation that is both preventative and corrective. Key ingredients Vitamin C and Decléor’s White-Bright Complex, give the skin a beautiful radiant complexion with a clear, uniform appearance. Available in series ~ Mini 1/2 hour each $60

Teen Purifying Facial (30 min.) $55

Excellence Facial (1 1/4 hours) $95

Regenerates and re-densifies the skin to address advanced signs of aging. Incorporating anti aging massage techniques, the Qi Booster tool plus an eye and lip masque, this treatment offers complete anti aging benefits and deep-pore cleansing. Provides natural “lifting” to the face, promoting renewal and oxygenation of the skin and stimulating microcirculation for splendid radiance.

Ultimate Excellence Facial (1 1/2 hours)  $110

In addition to the above, add our back aromassage, hands and feet thermo treatment and a scalp massage for ultimate relaxation.


Anti-Fatigue Facial Treatment (45 min)  $75

A Mini Facial for all skin types, promotes hydration and erases signs of fatigued, dull skin. The skin is glowing with youthful energy, like after a good night’s rest!
The professional Intense Glow Hydrogel Mask is infused with precious Jasmin Absolute concentrate to promote velvety, glowing and plumped skin.

Facial Treatments by Decleor

The goal in the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Treatments is to stimulate the skin to function in a balanced way and thus restore its own health.

Biodynamic and organic plant extracts are formulated through Rhythmic processing according to Holistic principles.

Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment (approx. 2 hours) $130

Includes a warm sage foot bath, gentle stretching and breathing techniques, facial cleansing, lymphatic stimulation with brush massage, two masques,

a personalized ampoule and protective moisturizer.

Dr. Hauschka Relaxation Treatment (1 1/4 hour) $95

Using pure botanical preparations and nurturing touch, this treatment revitalizes the skin and encourages deep relaxation. The perfect treatment for

less congested, normal to dry or sensitive skin types.

Dr. Hauschka Purifying Treatment (1 1/4 hour) $95

This treatment is customized to restore a healthy complexion for combination skin types to advanced acne.

Dr. Hauschka Mini Treatment (1/2 hour) $65

The perfect little escape to refresh and renew.

Dr. Hauschka Pedicure Treatment ( 3/4 hour)  $55

Includes a foot soak in Bath Essence, clarifying Cleansing Clay Mask, cuticle care with Neem Nail Oil, treatment with Moisturizing mask,

lymph stimulating foot and leg massage with Body Oil and optional toxic-free lacquer application.

Dr. Hauschka Manicure Treatment (1/2 hour)  $35

Includes a hand soak in Bath Essence, cuticle care with Neem Nail Oil, treatment with Moisturizing Mask, lymph stimulating hand and

arm massage with Body Oil and optional toxic-free lacquer application.

Dr. Hauschka Treatments