All massages include essential oil blends: a miraculous way to balance out energies within the body. Different blends will either supercharge circulation and flush out pain and inflammation, transport you to a space of rest and harmony or ease the pace of the day.

Therapeutic Massage  (1/2 hour) $65  (1 hour) $95  (1 1/4 hour) $110  (1 1/2 hour) $135

Relieves muscle aches and tension from head to toe, restores joint mobility, eases fatigue and improves circulation. Massage Techniques offered: Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Muscle Energy Techniques to reduce and eliminate muscle stiffness, pain and decreased range of motion, Trigger Point Therapy for exquisite muscle pain. Strain/Counterstrain to reduce and eliminate aches and pain, Orthopedic Assessment, assists to pinpoint muscle weakness and/or tightness, nerve impingement and/or ligament and joint instability. Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Swedish Massage, Table Shiatsu, Circulatory Massage to help pinpoint areas of muscle weakness and/or overuse, as well as indicate where body mechanics may be improved. May be done as part of massage, as needed/requested.

Seasonal Body Service  (30 min)  Call us or check on line for seasonal services or add-on options.

Presently offering:  30 Minute Spa Foot Scrub $45

A relaxing aromatic Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub to exfoliate heels and dry skin on the feet, followed by a hot towel wrap and a foot massage with Eco-Fin wax treatment. >>> Book as a separate service or add-on to your therapeutic body massage.

Hot Stone Massage (1 1/2 hour) $165

Penetrating heat from smooth oiled and warmed stones is used to relieve tense muscles and sore joints.
Combined with Swedish techniques, this creates an unforgettable, thoroughly relaxing experience. Combined with Deep Tissue techniques, this allows a deeper and easier release of chronically contracted sore tissue. Call us to book a Hot-Stone add-on to any massage session $30

Reiki  (20 min) $35  (30 min) $55  (1 hour) $80

Reiki, in Japanese, means Universal Life Force Energy, or chi. It is the subtle eminence imbuing all living things. The practice of Reiki attunes our awareness to this great mystery and offers opportunities for growth, support and healing.
Healing comes from within each living thing. Life force energy can help reawaken this stream, which lives inside us, and offer more sustenance and focus. Reiki may be done with touch or as a non-touch modality. The client is fully clothed, often covered by a blanket, and soft music may be played in the background.

Back Facial Treatment (60 min) $100

A purifying, relaxing treatment that addresses impurities, restores balance and releases tension.

Body Wrap (1 1/4 min) $130

A unique body treatment, deeply hydrating, remineralizing and detoxifying. Enjoy a full exfoliation with Himalayan Chrystal Salt and Vitamin Orange Oil followed by an Algamoor Body Mask, resting all wrapped up while receiving a relaxing scalp massage, then finished with Moor Spa Body Lotion, leaving the skin glowing and moisturized.

CBD Add- On to any massage appointment $15

CBD Massage at European Esthetics is used as a happy helper to assist extra tense muscles on their way to relaxation. CBD has been clinically proven to help with pain management and inflammation and that is the main purpose of incorporating CBD into the benefits massage already has for the body.


A Warm Herbal Tea Foot Bath (15 min.)  $15

Great to have the stress in your head be pulled down out of your feet!!

Body Treatments



We use one of the most effective professional hair removal treatments in the world.

It is not a wax and never sticks to the skin. It is antibacterial/ antimicrobial so it's safe, clean and germ free; completely botanical and scientifically tested and contains no animal products.




​Give the gift of massage this winter either to a loved one, a friend, a teacher, or yourself! We have a few new massages to pick from that are sure to help get away from the stress that usually comes with the snowand the turning of the year. We’ve created some really fun services that incorporate things like our salt scrub, mud mask, and hot stone to craft mini custom-made vacations to meet everyone’s needs.

THE WINTER SPECIAL MASSAGE including a 60 minute upper body Hot Stone and scalp Massage, exfoliating and aromatic Foot Scrub and eco fin wax treatment to the hands and feet. 90 min $165

THE SPA BACK WRAP MASSAGE, give your back a break with a lovely upper body massage ending with a salt scrub and mud mask on the back, arms, and hands. 90 min $150

THE TOTAL RELIEF MASSAGE, a deep tissue full body massage using a CBD infused sports lotion, perfect after a weekend of moving snow either off the driveway or down the slopes! You can really feel the relaxing effect of the CBD sink into the muscle and stay with you long after your massage is over. 90 min $150

MIGRAINE RELIEF MASSAGE: ideal for people with frequent headaches, TMJ, or excessive jaw tension.The services includes a deeper massage to the face, neck and shoulders with our CBD infused sports lotion, and ends with a scalp massage 45 min $85

ZEN Massage ADD-ON: After your massage it can be so hard to get off the table! So what if you didn’t have to? For a trial period we will be offering this new add on which will add an extra 15 minute of quiet time at the end of your massage service to give you time to slowly come out of that massage coma we can all get stuck in! 15 min $15

                                                            We hope to see you soon, you deserve it!

-                                                                         Brynnon Paquette, LMT