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Finally a cleaner choice in parfume!

Located in Depot Square  36 Grove Street, Suite 1  Peterborough, NH 03458

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For relaxing, organic Facial Treatments, Therapeutic Body Massages, and Nail Care Services, plus holistic skin care products, this is a little Peterborough haven for you to enjoy.
Visit us in our beautiful spot on the Nubanusit River in Depot Square, to the right of The Waterhouse Restaurant. Easy to get to, and plenty of parking will allow you to shop in quaint Depot Square before or after your appointment. A bright and airy space where we offer all organic skin, body, and nail care services.

We'd love to help you receive some 'ME TIME'!

Just Be...

Stay authentic to who you are
listen to your intuition
embrace your imperfections
learn to be gentle with yourself
make mental space to find clarity

ground yourself in the present

... Be You.

The fragrance industry is notorious for packing formulas with hidden ingredients, citing “trade secrets” as an out. So, when you see generic terms like “fragrance” or “parfum” on an ingredient label, it’s a catchall masking many ingredients underneath—including potential carcinogens and hormone disruptors. This masking is known as the fragrance loophole, and we want it closed.

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Beautycounter screened
over 300 ingredients

during the development of the Clean Eau De

Parfum—of which only 20% were fully allowed

without restriction. They also added over 60 new ingredients to their Never List,™ taking their high standards even higher.